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A little outing!   
10:36pm 01/11/2002
My owner took me to the Esplanade! We had dinner at a posh al fresco joint. This is me looking really pleased that I got to choose food from the menu!

And this is me butting into my owner's picture. I was going to post it all up with her inside, but she caught me as I was uploading the picture. So, uh, all you see is her arm! I'm such a naughty bear!

There were dancers on the bay! Tall beautiful mystical dancers on stilts. They took my breath away. It's fantastic how they could dance more beautifully than my bluebear dance! :)

Here they are:



swirling again

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A little bathing episode   
12:59pm 12/10/2002
mood: damp
My owner changed the bedsheets. She said that WCB could go on the bed, apparently because he was clean. But not me. She said that I wasn't allowed on the bed until I had a (horror of horrors!) bath. She said that I'm a stinky bear. Oh bother.

I don't like baths! This is my look of shock on hearing the news. Notice WCB smirking in the background. *sigh*

WCB is smirking

Then I saw the torture apparatus and the horror reigns yet again.


I finally succumbed. (More from the thought of getting back into bed than anything else.)

in my little bath

The ordeal finally over, my owner gave me her own super thick, super fluffy towel to dry off with. You can see how frazzled I am, even my ribbon is a bit off-kilter. *shudder*

drying off

I hope I dry quickly though, I looked out of the window and saw this:

the weather

Sun, please come out!

Maybe one day when I'm brave enough, I'll try this:

the swimming pool

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My bed   
09:29pm 09/10/2002
mood: amused
This is the bed I have all to myself during the day. Of course, now that Brownie is visiting, I have to share. But it's just for a while. This is what I do when I'm at home:

guarding the bed

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New friend!   
12:57am 05/10/2002
mood: cheerful
I have a new friend who's come to stay for a short while. He's going over to take care of pinkbear for me. His name is White Chocolate Brownie, but I call him WCB for short. He's my good friend cookielad's cousin!

Here's us together:


(Though he looks a bit distracted in this pic. And I'm looking at my toes lower paws. Never mind, we'll take more pics tomorrow!)

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Can you believe that I am a diva??   
09:02pm 29/09/2002

You are Miss Piggy!
You're something of a diva, but that's only because it would be a crime to let your looks and talent go to waste. Vous �tes magnifique!

Anyway, divas don't get out of bed, so thisCollapse ) is what I look like today :D

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11:59pm 28/09/2002
mood: relaxed
Today is a relaxing day. Just lying about in bed with my hands behind my head.



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Today is a happy day!   
01:04pm 18/09/2002
mood: snuggly
When I woke up it was raining outside! That means an extra snuggle in bed with my owner. I'll wrap my purple paws around her neck and snuggle gently there. Sometimes if I sleep too soundly, I'll lose my grip and fall off though.

But my owner picks me up very quickly from the floor and then I'm happy and snug again under the fluffy blue duvet.

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Found out!   
04:38pm 16/09/2002
mood: bouncy
My owner found out about my SuperBear antics! I've been busted! She came back early when I expected her to be out the whole day! Well, she laughed at me and said people won't let me help them if I didn't have a proper SuperBear suit, let alone just something red and blue. *pouts*

But I asked for a Suit for my birthday. Hope she remembers. I remember overhearing her telling pinkbear's owner on the phone. Heh. *crosses paws*

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In the nick of time   
12:17am 13/09/2002
mood: chipper
Oooh, I'm so tired. I barely made it back home in time before my owner got back. Mustn't let her know about my double life as SuperBear! She was incredibly busy today -- out since 9 am and didn't get back till midnight. She's been caught up with work and some wedding dinner. I could see her brain whirring with romantic ideas. I think the couple must have been incredibly sweet.

Looks like it'll be light duty tonight. Not much dream-guarding to do. Hurray! A good rest for me from a long day's work. :D *does a mini bluebear dance*

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11:38pm 11/09/2002
mood: mischievous
*big huge bluebear yawn* Last night my owner was on the phone with pinkbear's owner. I scrambled quickly over my owner's face (she was in bed) to get to the receiver, but all I heard was her owner's voice. pinkbear wasn't around, so I thought I'd just eavesdrop on their conversation. I'm such a nosey bear, me.

I think pinkbear was back in the little room her owner was given. He was just off work and going for dinner. It's a pity I didn't get to hear her voice, but I know she's doing just fine. pinkbear's got a good owner and he treats her well.

I'm tired and yawning now. My owner went out the entire day and didn't get back till late. Looks like she had fun though. I think she's wanting to get me the digicam I've been bugging her about. I'm a bit vain, aren't I? Heehee. I hope she goes shopping again tomorrow. Then I can spend another whole day trying my SuperBear stunts. My owner doesn't know about them, sssshhh don't tell her, OK?

Goodnight for now!

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My Wishlist   
12:46am 11/09/2002
mood: cheerful
You know what I'd really love? My own set of SuperBear clothes! I'd like a red cape and blue underwear. Though I'm not sure if the colour will clash with my fur.

I'm also wondering if I need a wash, because there are some bits of me that are beginning to look a little brown???

Another thing is that my owner likes to tuck my head under her neck and surf the internet. Sometimes she blocks my eyes and I can't see. Heh, but I like that position, though it sounds uncomfortable. For humans yes, but for bears no. This way I can see properly. (If her chin isn't covering my eyes.)

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12:03am 11/09/2002
mood: silly
Today my owner is a little out of sorts. She thinks it's something to do with PMS, but I'm not so sure. I'm comforting her now and I think I will guard her dreams while she sleeps tonight. Don't worry, I'm always smiling. She should cheer up soon.

I feel that she wallows too much and thinks and dissects things too much. I'll distract her from things with my bluebear dance. :D

Come join in with me!

P.S. I'll post up pics when I get my paws on a digicam!

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Hello world!   
08:14pm 09/09/2002
mood: amused
My name is bluebear, although my fur really is purple. I'm a very cheerful bear; I always have a smile on my face.

I take care of my owner and try to give her nice dreams. I sleep in the crook of her neck at night and snuggle under the comfy duvet during the day. Sometimes my fur gets a bit damp, but I don't mind at all, bluebear's always here to comfort and soothe. I just remind my owner that pinkbear will return very soon.

Pinkbear is my girlfriend and I love her very much. Sometimes I send her messages on the phone. She doesn't type very well because she's not as good with her paws as I am, but I don't mind, she's the one who drives like a maniac while I sit in the passenger seat. I get very excited when she drives! She drives a tiny fire red car that only fits the two of us. Sometimes she goes out to buy the National Lottery (so she claims). I don't think we've won anything yet.

In my spare time (I've got lots of that) I like to daydream and pretend that I can fly. I'm really SuperBear and I have a telephone booth that I pack with me whenever I travel. Oh and I love it when I can whisper on the phone with pinkbear while our owners talk. They can't hear what we say. I love the sense of conspiracy. :)

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